Colorado Deed Forms – Quit Claim – Warranty

Colorado Warranty Deeds are types of deeds that are different only with regard to the degree of protection provided by a Grantor (seller) to the Grantee (buyer). None of the deed transfers would offer any greater or lesser interest than any another. However, by use of the general warranty deed, the Grantor shall promise to defend the Grantee against any loss that may be incurred should any title defect become apparent, whereas transfer  by use of a quitclaim deed shall contains no such warranty. All deeds must be signed by the signatories before a notary public to be accepted as a legal transfer of ownership.

Colorado Quit Claim Deed Form

The Colorado quit claim deed is a legal document that is used when a Grantor (seller) is selling a parcel of land to a Grantee (buyer). However, whereas other deeds shall provide a sort of insurance the the property is in no way encumbered or restricted, this type of deed provides no promises from the Grantor that […]

Colorado Special Warranty Deed Form

The Colorado special warranty deed is a legal document whereas  the Grantor of the warranty shall only protect against any defects in the title that had arisen prior to the time that the Grantor acquired the property. This document will not provide protection to the Grantee and will not at any point, obligate the Grantor to defend […]

Colorado General Warranty Deed Form

The Colorado general warranty deed is a legal document whereas the grantor would offer warranty or to the time that the Grantor had acquired title or that had arisen during the Grantor’s period of ownership. This document shall not offer warranty against any encumbrances or any defects arising from the Grantee’s own acts. This document must be completed before a […]