Kentucky Deed Forms – Quit Claim – Warranty

Kentucky deed forms are legal documents that are completed between a Grantor (seller) and a Grantee (buyer or beneficiary) to prove payment for land and/or real property. As well, the document proves change of ownership. The forms available, will offer different levels of warranty or guarantee that the Grantor may choose to provide to the Grantee. Dependent upon which warranty form is used to transfer ownership, will decide the security of the transaction. The grantee should approach cautiously, the document provided. As, once the transaction is completed, some documents offer little if any warranty. Once the document is completed by the parties, it must be witnessed by a notary public to be effective.

Kentucky Quit Claim Deed Form

The Kentucky quit claim deed is a document that is a document whereas the Grantor is simply interested in quitting their interest or their share of the interest in a piece of real property. This document will not promise that the title is good with regard to the property. The Grantor, with use of this document, is […]

Kentucky Special Warranty Deed Form

The Kentucky special warranty deed is a legal document that is used by a Grantor (seller) to transfer an interest in a specific piece of real property. This is a limited warranty deed. With the use of this document the Grantor shall not provide any warranty against possible title defects arising from any conditions that may have existed prior to the Grantor’s […]

Kentucky General Warranty Deed Form

The Kentucky general warranty deed is a document that shall provide an avenue in which a Grantor may transfer ownership of real property to another person, Grantee or beneficiary. In doing so, the Grantor offers guarantee or warranty that the seller does, in fact, legally own the property. The document offers promise by the Grantor (seller) to the […]