Alabama Deed Forms – Quit Claim – Warranty – Special

Alabama deeds are used to transfer the title of property from one (1) person (the “Grantor”) to another “(the “Grantee”). In most cases, this form is signed after a purchase agreement for the real estate has been fulfilled. The Grantor should only sign the deed after the the money has been verified as cleared into their bank account. After it has been signed and notarized it may be brought to the Probate Judge’s Office for recording where the ownership transfer becomes legally public.

Authorization – Must be signed in the presence of either a Notary Public or Two (2) Witnesses. (§ 35-4-20)

Where to Record – Must be completed at the Probate Judge’s Office in the County where the property is located. (§ 35-4-50)

Alabama General Warranty Deed Form

The Alabama general warranty deed is a document used to transfer the ownership of property from a seller to a new owner. The form should contain the statement “grant,” “bargain,” “sell,” in order to satisfy the state requirements for transferring real in fee simple with express covenants. This will guarantee the new owner that there are no […]

Alabama Special Warranty Deed Form

The Alabama special warranty deed is not common for real estate transfers but allows the title to be guaranteed to the new owner ONLY during the tenure of the seller’s time as the owner. This type of deed should only be used when the history of the title is clouded and is not clear to […]

Alabama Quit Claim Deed Form

The Alabama quit claim deed is a form that allows a person to convey real property without showing real warranties about their rights to ownership. Mostly, this type of deed is used for transferring interest in property in the case of a divorce, gift to family, or any other ‘on-the-go’ type of conveyance. The owner should […]