Indiana Quit Claim Deed Form

The Indiana quit claim deed is a document that is designed to be used to sell or transfer their portion of interest in a parcel of land or property by a Grantor (seller) to a Grantee (buyer). With this document the Grantor will not guarantee or warrant that the property is being sold without claims by others. It also will not guarantee that the title may be in question. This document is generally used in divorces or by banks who have little or no relationship with the property.

Therefore the Grantor chooses not to take legal responsibility if there are any issues with the property or deed, leaving the Grantee without recourse in the event claims are made after execution of the document. Once the form has been completed it must be signed by all signatories, before an officer of the court in acknowledgement.

How to Write

Step 1 – The Parties – Enter:

  • Date the document in dd/m./yy format
  • Name(s) of Grantor(s)
  • City
  • Grantor’s name
  • Name(s) of Grantee(s)
  • Amount paid to the Grantor(s) and who are in receipt

Step 2 – Signature – Provide:

  • Grantee’s signature
  • Date of signature dd/m/yy

Step 3 – Notarization –

  • Notary shall witness and record the signature
  • The notary shall complete acknowledgement  of the document
  • Enter the name of the preparer