California Deed Forms – Quit Claim – Warranty

California deed forms are forms that are used to transfer real property. In the state of California, deed forms are considered an act of the parties, or an act of the law, in which any title to a parcel of real property, is conveyed (transferred) from a Grantor (seller) to a Grantee (buyer). Transfers of real estate are often conducted through the use of standard real estate warranty deeds. The deeds not only convey ownership, but they also provide opportunity for warranty.The deeds offer conveyance with no warranty, limited warranty or full warranty which offers promises that the deed will not be challenged by anyone.

California Special Warranty Deed Form

The California special warranty deed is a warranty that is quite similar to a warranty deed pertaining to the promises made from the Grantor (seller) to the Grantee (buyer). There is one exception, however, which is the time period in which the promises apply which would cover only the time period in which the seller owned the […]

California Quit Claim Deed Form

The California quit claim deed is one of the many variations of property deeds that are used to transfer ownership of a parcel of real estate from a Grantor(seller) to a Grantee (buyer). Quitclaims offer no guarantees from Grantor to Grantee, other than that the fact that the previous owner has relinquished or “quit” any claim to the […]

California General Warranty Deed Form

The California general warranty deed is a legal document that shall allow a Grantor (seller) to transfer ownership or the title of a parcel of real estate to a Grantee (buyer). The document shall guarantee, that the Grantor legally owns the property and is selling the property in good faith and that there are no lien’s of […]