Arizona Deed Forms – Quit Claim – Warranty

Arizona Deed Forms are documents that are required to be used between Grantors (sellers) and Grantees (buyers) in the sale and purchase of any form of real property. Each of the documents provided shall serve specific purposes. Most important, the documents shall prove change of ownership of the real property. The documents will also offer various levels of warranty; from no warranty, limited warranty or full warranty. Depending upon the situation the warranty will dictate to what degree a Grantor may be responsible for defending the Grantee in the event anyone else should decide to attempt to claim rights to the property.

Arizona Special Warranty Deed Form

The Arizona special warranty deed is a legal document that shall guarantee that the Grantor (seller), during the period of their ownership, have experienced no title issues or problems. The document will also benefit the Grantee (buyer) inasmuch as it will offer more protection than use of a quitclaim deed that offers no warranty to the Grantee(s). […]

Arizona Quit Claim Deed Form

The Arizona quit claim deed is a legal document that’s used to legally convey Arizona real property to a Grantee (buyer) or business entity. This same document may also be used to delete, add or even change the name on a title within specific perimeters of the law. It must be understood that this particular document offers […]

Arizona General Warranty Deed Form

The Arizona general warranty deed is a legal document used for the purpose of transferring an interest in real estate within the state of Arizona. This is the most used document used in most Arizona real estate transactions. This particular document shall convey real property with warranty covenants, which will be beneficial to the Grantee (buyer). This […]