Alaska Deed Forms – Quit Claim – Warranty

Alaska Deed Forms are documents that are used between Grantors (sellers) and Grantees (buyers) in the sale and purchase of of real property. Each document serves in a various manner to include change of ownership. The documents will also offer either no warranty, limited warranty or full warranty with regard to what degree a Grantor may be responsible for defending the Grantee in the event someone unknown to the Grantor may attempt to lay claim to the property.

Alaska Quit Claim Deed Form

The Alaska quit claim deed is a legal document that convey any legal as well as equitable rights that the Grantor would have in the property. These rights will not contain any covenant of warranty, therefore the Grantee should expect no protection should a title dispute ever be presented. Although there is likely some “good-faith” expectation that […]

Alaska General Warranty Deed Form

The Alaska general warranty deed is a legal document that is used to convey interest in real property in the state of Alaska. The document, once executed, would transfer the property ownership from the Grantor (seller) to the Grantee (buyer) with warranty that the document has no other encumbrances nor may it be claimed by any other party. […]